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So Cold by Jim Jeffrey
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The bad times…the best times...the discovery…the shame…the love…
The human relationship and the emotions that lie within are attributed to singer songwriter Jim Jeffrey’s latest lyrical and musical composition that spells life. Happiness turning dark, soured love turning sweet…Jeffrey’s latest independent release entitled “So Cold” lyrically paints a picture of life with broad, creative brush strokes. As an artist, Jeffrey makes dulcimers, banjos, violins, guitar and other eclectic instrumentation jump from his pallet onto a canvas waiting to receive the sometimes vibrant and sometimes darkened color. With this pallet he creates an emotional, easy listening CD that somehow feels like a mixture of folk and classical styles topped with an alternative, independent overtone. A single lyrical expression extracted from track one on his release may say it all. It states, “Just wanted to make a statement, about how I see, the, world.”  Jeffrey has clearly done this with a unique piece of work that conveys his passion through an easy to listen to collection of well thought out and well produced songs.